JSR® 4WD Snatch Strap 9metre Yellow 9,750kg MBS

JSR® Brand

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Product Overview

The JSR® 4WD Snatch Strap in Yellow is an essential tool for any off-road enthusiast. Made in Australia with high-quality materials, this snatch strap is designed for mid-size 4WD vehicles and can handle tough situations with ease. With a length of 9 meters and a maximum breakout strength of 9,750 kg, this strap is reliable and durable.

Safety is a top priority when it comes to off-roading, and the JSR® 4WD Snatch Strap is designed with that in mind. Featuring sewn eyes at both ends for easy connection, as well as red line wear indicators woven into the webbing, this strap is not only strong but also ensures safe usage. The thermal treated yellow nylon webbing provides high stretch capabilities, making it perfect for recovering vehicles stuck in mud, sand, or other challenging terrains.

When it comes to vehicle recovery, it is crucial to follow all safety guidelines and recommendations. Always ensure that the strap is in good condition before use, and use appropriate recovery points and load-rated shackles for connecting the strap. Avoid connecting the strap to tow balls, tie-down points, or other unsuitable fittings to prevent potential accidents.

Whether you're embarking on a weekend adventure or facing unexpected challenges on the road, trust the JSR® 4WD Snatch Strap to help you get out of any sticky situation. With its proven quality and popularity among off-roaders, this snatch strap is a reliable companion for all your off-road journeys. Stay safe, stay prepared, and enjoy the thrill of off-roading with the JSR® 4WD Snatch Strap in Yellow.

Safety Warning: Use of this product and participation involves inherent risks of injury or death. These straps can be potentially dangerous, and great care must be taken at all times.


Consumer Goods (Motor Vehicle Recovery Straps) Safety Standard 2017


WARNING — Always follow product instructions. It is important to correctly attach the motor vehicle recovery strap to a motor vehicle. A standard tow ball or vehicle tie-down point is not designed for this purpose and may result in the strap or a vehicle component detaching from a motor vehicle and striking and seriously injuring or killing a person. Only attach the strap to a vehicle recovery point or device that is suitably rated for use with the strap. Incorrect use has previously resulted in serious injury and death.

 Recommendation: That the Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS) of the strap should be between 2 and 3 times the gross vehicle mass (GVM) of any vehicle it is used with; and that the strap must be suited to the Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of the lighter of the 2 vehicles used in the recovery process.

 Important Note: Recovery Straps (Snatch Straps) must only be made from NYLON and NOT Polyester as Nylon has the capacity to stretch under load compared to Polyester.

 Instructions on use:

 Any person intending to use a motor vehicle recovery strap (Snatch Strap) should consider completing a nationally recognised four-wheel drive training course, or contact a four-wheel drive club for comprehensive advice on the proper selection and use of the strap. The strap must not be used for lifting or conventional towing; and that persons intending to use the strap must ensure that the strap is not damaged and is in a usable condition. The strap’s strength and stretch are reduced when the strap is saturated with water. An object such as a recovery damper, heavy bag or blanket must be draped over the strap during use to reduce any unintentional rebound of the strap. Before attempting the vehicle recovery, passengers of the vehicles involved must, exit the vehicles, and stand as far away from the vehicles as possible and avoid standing in the path of the vehicle performing the recovery.

 Never attach recovery straps to vehicle fittings such as tow balls, tow bars, tie-down points, tow hooks, nudge or bull bars.

Please note: These warnings and instructions follow on from previous Mandatory Safety Standards and guidelines. Amended by Atlas Wholesale Pty Ltd © Copyright 2019.

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